You can use insurance as a vehicle to plan for your families’ future.

Insurance isn’t only about planning for death.
There are so many different insurance products available that can be used to plan for the future, especially when these products are utilized as powerful savings and investment vehicles.

For example:
A woman who is 35 years old with two children (1 and 4) qualifies for a $250,000 critical illness policy at a cost of $350 per/month. God forbid, the woman should suffer a heart attack, receive a cancer diagnosis or some other horrible news (but survived), she would receive a cheque from the insurance company in the amount of $250,000.00

In a more likely scenario, the woman does not not suffer a critical illness, therefore in the next 15 years she would be eligible to receive 100% of her insurance premiums back, equal to $63,000.00. By that time her children would be ready for university and she would have a nice nest egg to look forward to.

If her finances were in good order and she didn’t to cash out the policy, she would continue the policy at the rate assessed when she was 35 years old! Her rate will never go up.

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